Antichrist season coming

Don't wanna be old,but nice to have friends around!

monday or tuesday

Another day in paradise

I want to join an Jane Austen book club! But I am such a slow reader!!!

Bought a dog today!

had the kycklingrulle and the Oxascand,the first one didnt live up to my expectations!

jag vill inte veta


things i wish i did several weeks ago

horrible morning


Everyone I know

copycat doppelganger


don´t stop believing

carrots and cucumbers

burning hearts in hell


"du kanske bara borde kommunicera med bilder"

Hello Linda!

faces from before

woke up got dressed,bought strawberries and pens and talked about the past,now home working on the future

My positive thinking hat! But I think I am going to cry myself to sleep anyway!

"Jag har bokat bord på bistro sûd kl åtta. Dress to impress"

we were wearing jesus clothes


i know this is not socially acceptable but what can i say, i prioritize.

SOS!!! It came back,i know i am the only person can help myself...

känner: lycka!! men drar ut på misären ett tag till

Happy Jane!

Carin Jane

new head and brain discovered


To Naomi

if i could turn back time

birthday party,day 2

Happy Birthday face!

2010-05-21!!! Thank you Maria

Eyes for christmas

Office closed during the weekend but see you on Monday Hakan.

Saw the most beautiful drawing at Ylva today,and said This is Fantastic,and she said you made it!Apparently loving myself again

First day in my new office,watching you!

postkolonial feel good-stämning TEMA: sjukdomsinsikt hjälper inte

Oh The Lovely Lovely one!


the sun keeps shining through

I received an email telling me it was over...

Waiting for a really really old friend and feeling very old,not youthful at all

if i die before my parents die

Goodbye Carpe diem


Coffee+Core+Spinning+06:45= Happyface!!!

in blue

Gift of the year

Telling Linda all about Not giving up

lost my face, oh no no no!

I´m going bananas...

I had found myself

Avoiding caves

Interact with art.

bring them down

Half day left already...

hands on




On my way to a dear friend. Bringing this instead of After Eight.

burning hearts in hell

guilt tripping in YSL

california girls

Hello in there...

Let Beauty Loose

From koja till slott.

Happy Birthday to my brother and my father! Love love love

for myslef

From Marklandsgatan 2 Hollywood

Blondie I love u I rally doooo...

I´m free but i feel like i´m still in chains.


Pick the phoneeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~~~

You wear guilt Like shackles on your feet Like a halo in reverse I can feel The discomfort in your seat And in your head it's worse There's a pain A famine in your heart An aching to be free Can't you see All love's luxuries Are here for you and...

The boring billion,also met people with paranormal interests today,wish i asked more!

after excercise,tired...


Excursion Dr Fries torg



all about the cake

I wish I was a stupid girl,then all things would be so easy than now...For me...

Then i won't be able to understand those things hiding to me; won't be able to discovered "secrets";won't be able to sense people's "ugly sides"...How lovely if i was a stupid one?!!!


Youthful looking in darkness

Sammy jo

Ausbrenner in Turkey

Before Dynasty outfit


Process,not easy not easy,but will keep goinggggggggggggg

I love my mother, we had a beautiful day. But I am scared...

TianJin's Wedding Cake-Also taste good!



Recycling picture Wednesday,tomorrow i will shape up

Gandalf are not such a happyface...

i was daning in the bathroom of a shopping mall this evening..ops:P

love in an elevator

As they say on postcards from hell:"Today is the first day of the rest of my life"

This clothes made in my Uni time...:) in Shanghai...

It's not that I've had nothing to say, it's finding the words...

I finally found photo booth!

The color doesnt suit me/Deklaration

purgatory weekend

New York, one year ago.

Spareribs is like porn. I now feel dirty

The Amazing Thai

lost the head

the new life begins...



celebrating work

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