i dont know what to do

Day 49. Cheapo wig.

will glue this to my face today

Day 48. Tell me...

Day 47. Why you look so sad.


maybe its all the white!

Day 46. Parkour.

Day 45. almost transparent; allowing light to pass through diffusely

Day 44. Darling I can see the clouds around you And in your heart I know a sorrow grows But if you weep I'll be right here to hold you Till each tear you cry becomes a rose...

woke up,wish i didnt,now towards a polite lunch

Day 43. Too dark to see clearly.

maybe i go and swim,maybe i dont

cut my hair 1,5 dm. not so much but still a change. needed one!

Day 42. puzzle


day after yesterday

Day 41. Let´s party.

dying time

i forgot my regular clothes at the printing studio when headed back to do some editing at my "city office". none of the others are here at this time of day but i think i might look like a burglar to the neighbours.

Day 40. crying time.


damn. the plants can't make this feel like the countryside.

Day 39. life without the real linda...


life aquatic!

home from a very hard days work

today at least getting dressed

I will do anything for love.

save the last chance for me

Save the last dance for me.

no one cares about the lipstick color in Kunming or about lipstick either.

I don ́t like mondays


Raining Outside:(

under the veil


almost me

leaving,going somewhere

Day 38. more like you...

hey lady

in Kunming now

Oh,am the real kitty now~

My~this hair...terrible~


chosing myself and yada yada,going away forever

Day 37. M.Ä.B.

living in danger

today i can hear my thoughts again for the first time in years. had to stay home so i could listen carefully.


Day 36. Face.

Day 35. What to do?

departure date. i charged it.



taking necessary steps towards being reborn

fleamarket find. 10kr! religious art for the bedroom

besök på Venus

waiting for hot water

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