Making out with me and myself

crazy cat lady

The Magic Sunnnnnnnnnnnnnnn:) In ZOoooOOOoooooOOoooooo

Happiness dont last forever

in mourning


That's one of the nights, the real inner me is working again, she can't sleep, and day time, she knows shouldn't show this to the world...even she is always showing her true heart to the world...

Endless opportunities

After"Doing"for many monthes,i needa time to totally confused now,i can't just"do it" thinking mostly so far...thinking...thinking...


curtains down,didnt leave my apartment,and hate myself and wants to die,but hopefully tomorrow is a new day!

wendsday pain

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Don't bullshit a bullshitter

The horror

Dance with me

blommar ut

the young face,and also wearing the magic cape

tuesday hapiness

No work, no money, no fun...


looking 4 more glamour


Hail Mary and me

the darkness

Self portrait as a reindeer

Happy Birthday Linda

Haven't been here for couple of days....How are you guys going?


flash my only friend


oh no another day

I will wake up 45!

Me,me,someone else,me

twofaces and nofaces

"jag har fortfarande bilden på dig med ett glas vitt och nässpray på näthinnan"



making a face to be kind

You make me see black!

Writer's Block


You gotta see the baby!

I say no


Love this chair

Lovely faces

Casualties of War


Your poison running through my veins...

Patient Zero

the Sunday sickness

it was a happy birthday

Looking4Hanna Westberg

bought fake hungarian mineral powder. went to fashion party as Donatella Versace

A Modern designing hotel in Beijing,guests could change the lights themselves.


Karaoke Dreams

Beijing is still cold,am watching the news about the Chinese property is a fu@@ing thing ever!Too many people moving in Beijing,and they are so unbelievable,dishonest...

Pocahontas or Poison Ivy?

my swan was so dusty

choosing green

We are the winners, typ



Random sadness Thursday

everything is a little less posh in Budapest

Secretly Listening Salsa Music at Work....

I was enjoying & cherishing...

We Don´t Need Another Hero

how to avoid Moonface in the future

hey hey today

Varför måste detta fält fyllas i??? f..k....


today superwoman tomorrow gone

Away from the reality,a bit lonley,a bit nice,a bit sad...

Sounds today. The only available computer was in Wall Street's call centre. And before I left, an employee's loaf of bread, which he ate with cheese slices and chopped salad from home, made a tiny crack in my heart.

Oldest Baby in the World

hypnotized in nedre johanneberg

Betty the infant VS my therapist 1-0

Lips before drama

The office is too cold like a fridge

xdfgfuwegfgweygf today

I really want to be an vegitarian...

borrowing facetoday

Golden frame

If I've had surgery,i would look this way? But isn't it scary?


Purple Seeing Purple

Westberg consulting Spåman.

Old face, new face?

The Groom's Grandma in Wedding

meeting Father too soon,at least there is sun,but im not going to see it but hopefully the porcelain tigers will be really big.Will take picture!

Thought I looked classy, but I only looked trashy. I love it.

Neighbours from hell...

Having a Tan-Tan-trum at Landala torg with a friend

Having a Tan-trum at Landala torg.

Oh la la teeny weeny string bikini

hot pepper me:)

Pieces of April

thanks for flash

this thing with my eyes.....

I wanna use you and abuse you I wanna know what's inside you

Photoshop today!

skins within


The Kiss! When passing by,found they are placed this way,cute!


My nanny gave me some dog food when I was 5. Today you go to jail for that.

making homevideos for real artists,why?

you wear it well

OH NO!!!

Someone else making a face,it looks more like mine.

The book I made

putting on the face

I don't mean to scare you,but don't you think it's nice?

Alcohol influences weight gain,

home is were I lay my hat hat hat hat hat hat.....

A very stiff model indeed.

Soon I'll look like superwoman, you just wait!

working a lot


Do you feel somehow similar? Of course I don't wish to get totally same with the painting:P

you can have both


A windy day!

The sun will come out tomorrow , I love ya Tomorrow! You're always A day A way!

En Dansant Genou Contre Genou

bird today,hes name is Putte,he says he loves me

the face i am seeing

svart varg arm

Happy Easter

Sometimes,We do not need to open our eyes that wide...

The Easter Bunny

Today is the first day of the rest of my life

Sunday,The Dancing Faces

I have no face today, but I have many from yesterday!

Natural make up

another persons childhood

Early morning wake up call

maja keko


sleep is the cousin of death and lost my earrings and some other things

"nätverksleendet" to Maria K

snap out of it!

Face of today, the day after.




Saturday,Nursing daddy:)


Botox failure

dayafterface,also want to die,but in a good way

Hey~I am back!!! I visited the Beijing Zoo today. Can you see the tiger behind me?

finally I got my own car

Oh,the restaurant faces:)

Walking with dinosaurs


I do not need any help taking my picture, tank you!

Choosing hair for tonight

Abandonment Issues

Face the fear, cut the fabric!!!

Whaaaaat, really???

Whaaaaaaat, really???!

No not at all aprilfool
fick fan inte nog av detta skämtet sist

The twins will rule again...

Maundy Thursday Cheer

Putting AD for one my friend...

Gul är en färg som stimulerar både den gröna och den röda färgen i näthinnan, men inte den blåa.

making suspect magazine

Add women and stir.

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