Mark my words

going out as myself

on a break

hotel bedhead

Jeanette thinking about the environment,(concerned!)

Day 4, I felt like an emotional confetti!!!

day 3, Plastic fantastic lips!

You're an errand boy, sent by grocery clerks and also and wonderful day today!But i must go blonde!

Something is important in life

Thank you Jeanette!Can we please meet on Skype and discuss bills and mail!?

Day 2...

Transform, day 1 as Linda Spåman.

the birthday party

Teardrops and moving boxes

I´m scared to death!

Bruce you will always stay in my heart!

Something in my heart died last night.



"how do you live with yourself?-i pretend that i dont!

normal again

so not so happy anymore

overslept in Beijing,very happy


Let me die with a sword in my hand!



gastric ulcer

back in the saddle

I feel sick

no bright lights today

always look on the bright side of life...

Black swan in disguise.

crappy day

Ask me.

a long time ago

the yellow and the lonliness

the end and nothing to wear

hej då förra veckan

The Friday Moon

dinner in Växjö

cakes and new revelation




Dreaming of Paris.

not written or printed on


måndagsbarn har fagert skinn

alla dagarna

evil twins

not lonely

I´m not that blonde!

friday first

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