too soon wednesday

Heading to work,but my mind is totally somewhere else...somewhere,yes somewhere,there...with someone~

Something i don't dare to say,but how could i dare to not to say? I know you know that,i wonder how could i be just quiet?


Mass producing hats, to save Japan!

Baby blue sunday

no time to think about troubles


Bang bang I shot me down.

Bad day.

Love will not save me...

olika känslor

paralyserad av skräcken

danger,darkness,disasters what will happen

It's you and me baby!

not killed in moonaccident



going to work

working on my Mormon look


I love you Tura

Body Combat!!!

The couch

feeling superlucky

going to the gym!

I hope the sun will shine on me soon...


hemma efter 96 timmar

my heart is bleeding

Joie de vivre

Let´s go bananas and drink wine.

stärker karaktären

logic 9

all good things and some not so good things come to those who wait

golden mean

I have lost my appetite

tuesday before journey

i got to straight this forehead out

I don´t deserve to be happy

messing with the past





Jeanettes view

Anständigt klädd iallfall

this wasn´t supposed to happen!!!

Singer Songer

yes you can have too many dolls

when it's cold you don´t care

this is my face after one year

sometimes it's hard to follow your heart

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