You're So Square!

thinking about airbags and security

Waiting Around To Die

Trying to look intelligent/glamorous/easy going for my book,maybe not the dress?!And young!

i need a focus

Anders Gustav Grahn I miss you!

In heaven

Gold is out

die away from the memory of 26

made a Flower outfit so i can meet Linda tomorrow

made a golden outfit so i can meet Jeanette tomorrow

Lunch Lunch Lunch~~

going for glue

couscous with mincemeat sauce

the perfect facetoday


the sickness

How do i look in 20 years,God! Help!

Curtain Couture make love with Perverse Croquis.

the forever


It is not your wedding Jeanette! Stop playing with the curtain!!!


great doll finding day

Sad Friday Night

I give up everything for Perverse Life drawing!!!

In my office

I want to go to bed now!

Doubts but today is the first day of my new sporty life,thats why im in grey

unless i dont get what i want i dont want anything

Not so snappy today


I rather play with my dolls.

no wrinkles 4ever

Dream life...


home from dinner,only 5 hours left,thinking about shame

Iit`s a strange feeling!

im gonna steal the cake



the hair the rain and the possibility that i will stay home tonight

Having Period,pain,then one colleague keep burping infront of me when he talk to me,God! Don't think i will eat dinner today!

vi börjar dagen med ett pormasksplåster

the builder

Road kill.

tyska kvinnor på balkongen

Words don´t come easy.

I´m a human ice cube.

Monday-workface on

I´m the monkey on my back!

need more blonde hair,less tan

i need a bigger picture

Vice gave me a new face

At Miriam and Olav's place

relaxing after a day at work

I found something that made me happy again

M***** F***** K*** S*****

late late late


something is terribly wrong

I cant´t smell the happiness!

All I want to do is see you again...

talking very loud

Sometimes I hold them and I like it a lot!

lipstick is important even in the forest


When i can lose another 10 kgs?!!?????~~~~~:(:(

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