last year foot-preparing for foottoday blog

Fuck all y'all m..

I am an old woman named after my mother

Frog in my throat.

Sittin' down by the fire.

Christmas number two!

My mother had a rabbit fur coat. I turned it in to a guinea pig.

One moment in life to feel the sun...

turning 45

merry christmas.


I was born 2 make u happy-not

the theory is wrong

one dream can come true


From now on i will only wear this golden outfit

Did i scare you? I guess i did?

The handsome boy

decorating myself for the season spirit

the old me in new apartment

Merry Xmas

from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs

haunted by christmas

brother and sister, sister and brother...

a face for Linda

the new view and crazy forehead

interior decorating


inga stunder av lycka

Mother look at this happy face

the hours

What would Darwin say

The act of mixing!

Office party!

still thinking of you

Hello Linda!

There are mountains in my way

Butter hair!

finally arrived i miss you too Jeanette

I miss you Linda!

Sweet dreams


thinking of Cher

soon ill make a more interesting face

A long way from Coco Beach!!!

No disco.

Elevator face!

Timeout Party-first going out after a full month,buuuuuuuu~~

att sälja smöret och tappa allt

belgian chocko


Well it´s ok!!!

the turtleneck

the impossible

first day with jacket. sad day. but that's not why

Red wine and friends bloopers!

welcome home! now that i paid all these i get to drink a lot of glögg!

the new mess

Bonniers, pris 8:50

Aqua regia

welcome to the jungle...

Styling and jewellery by:

doing some arts and crafts

gingerbread face

Blame it on my wild heart...

Jul i Betlehem

Face to day in the bedroom.

trying to have a carpe diem moment


Fantastic day

I thought I looked good today, then I saw Maria

Area visible in skype window cleared. International conference is on.

Internet says that pineapples makes you happy!

early and late.

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