It takes two to tango

roller coaster

såhär fast jag önskar det vore mer clowndräkter

the headache

jag har inte tid att följa någon annans blogg

det vita brödet

Face it alone to day

Me and Jackie

training day

leaving home expecting wonderful surprises

Nettle powder to clean my body!!!


mot mig själv

Mustache,but someone said it is very boring...

mot Anna

Exercise is good for me and you!

Crazy Cat Lady

avoiding things

Oh.Is that me?

i've made earing in here today:)

need some beauty sleep

New dress.

butter dish

German shepherd.

har alla övergett mig nu


bad luck day

My Resting Day

the curtain

the big hurt

fade to gray.

H&M store did something physically hurt a girl in China,but they didn't take care...



Something's wrong I cut my hair!!!

I changed my mind.

Best place in town!!!

transcending into the reality,goodbye dreams

My new work and my new boyfriend,haha~

ännu en dag rakt ut i gränslösheten


No More Words!



having an extraterrestrial day

My mum made it:)


Oh.Thanks DM helped my page yesterday.hoho~

puffy face,only

Ask me today and I say yes!!!

Are you ready Swedish taste!

hello facetoday from apple store nyc

introducing a fantastic woman,Annika W!also having a crazy eyelook


First Network Page.

Construction Time Again


I don't know where will go But I know we're gonna start the show

Met MikeyMax on my way home:)

thinking about the asian doll Katja,apparently she has a lonely twin in Stockholm.

wrong cut.



tämjer mitt hem

Real photo from Thailand..ops~

luckily for me i found the Mrs Fortuna in the refridgerator


looking for things

jag går och joggar nu

helt blank men han sitter ju brevid mig men betyder ingenting

An abnormally strong craving.

Suicide evening!

Photo booth hair!

i dont lie to make friends

Well,this girl was so boring that working in Beijing TV,she wanna use thoes french british american to get interested by people in China,yes of course,however...i think she should get out~

picking up the pieces - afternoon snack

Mr.Robert is in Beijing again~~they say he is a famous singer,too~

i who have nothing


Swedish Fish says

heart of glass herrgud jag går under döden jag vill dö nu döden

fångar dagen


Another day in paradise.

skelar jag

Home sweet home

Frida,i think Your Farmor and Morfar will get them in a month,gaga~

Frida,i think Your Farmor and Morfar will get them in a month,gaga~

Min bok!!!!

Forbidden camera(angle)

Oh,these colors are nice to be together...

wish you were here

Frida,there you go~

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