maybe God is trying to tell me to use another color on my lipstick

no Linda God Is not Trying To Tell me Something

the black dog runs at night

looking for escape

back from lunch falling apart tomorrow is like monday here i dont know what i'm doing with my life

the goodbye

the face of what was fun 6.30 this morning but not so much any more. soon pool and sauna then campari and dinner. today cold 27c maybe it will rain

my brothers house warming party alot of religious people here and i cried today mental breakdown tonight i'm doing drugs 36c today

the dream

eating breakfast, soon leaving for school, very tired, listening to cornelis 27c today

sleeping watching movies making dolls,looking 12 years old!(great)now to the dentist,expensive teeth is broken

handing in homework in micro economics, i cheated alot today 27c outside

Untack...zick zack...untack...


in class, something got stuck under my nail 27c

Untack again!!!

came home and didnt feel the happiness

stay in bed or visit pool 27c outside


foam kartongen!

Wine and sewing, it´s no good...

the cold in my apartment and also rain outside.goodnight

lonely bird

new friends

I go bloggcrazy!!!

pigs heart

Blue Bird.

early bird


Sycamore Trees

Rome wasnt built in one day,new life will start tomorrow

fire walk with me...

hello world

Black miserable clod of dirt!

going out with my precious

artichoke dinner!

today might be the day

home from apple

monkey on my back

Bloody Monday.

back from the long long sleep

Work and no play!

To much jazzzzz...


It´s no good...

new beginnings again

To Do´s...

need more post it

sometimes I am one against three...

old hands


Church again!

the house of god


I wish!

8minutes left,fantastic

5hours until the new day

Reasons to quit.

animal theme Monday

a thousand trays later

wanted to kill myself several times tonight

Me,it's me again,but i need God to help me,Please!

i know i know i know i know i know i know i know~~~but but but but but but but but but

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