finally I got my own car

red shawl

make.make.make a face...

My aunt Flo is visiting

in the Fitting Room

take off my fat jeans to wear dress in H&M
Spring is coming

pretend to be cruel

stare at my eye,hahaha

On the bus

My favorite seat on bus is the last row window seat.

I can see all the people on the bus.

All their heads.

What about you ?

Glasses without lenses

It seems that more and more Chinese girls like to wear this kind of glasses.

 have you ever wear that?

p.s. it only cost me 15RMB ,isn't it enough cheap?

If I was a boy

on the way

sometimes I wanna be a boy
that can make me have a stronger heart

I'm GuGu not GaGa

"Gu" is my surname.nice to meet you guys. 

p.s.lady gaga she's awesome!

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