now more lonely than before

these are the ancestors of the huge flower i had to massacre this spring. the spawn!


on my way to the Stoneforest,semiexcited

Day 83. Every morning they put this on my plate!!! I can´t resist!!!

Day 82. Satisfied. Me and my sisters.

Day 81. A room with a sea view, not!

going to the airport

making plans

Met Magnus for dinner yesterday,no men allowed in facetoday,so i did slide show,heihei~

yesterday tried new food today new lipstick,things i now know is to not try anything new.

Happy Weekend~hoho~

sorry for beeing lazy and giving picture from yesterday

Day 80. Today!!!

Day 79. Lady Linda Face.

Day 78. Why hold back to a later time?

Day 77. Can someone make it work?

Day 76. Sorry, it fell down. I believe it was a ghost!

Day 75. Makes me happy!

Day 74.Going up the country.

Day 73.

Day 72. No Time To Clean.

Day 71. Home.

going to the KTV

Day 70. Hello darkness my old friend.

Day 69. From here you can see the sea.

Day 68. Why leave when you can stay.

Day 67. Inactive.

i got dressed to meet your chinese friend on camera. then you disappeared!

finally a gif too!

Pink Belong to HelloKitty~


joho~here i am~

my new necklace

Day 66. holiday

Day 65. maybe this is the day I die

Day 64. It is almost rare to see someone sad at the beach. Everyone is happy on the beach!

Day 63. why keep on running

i was wrong about the hair

sunday adventure outfit,antichrist is coming too

Day 62. American Psycho again

Day 61. tiger and me

Day 60. Books, drugs and Rock 'n' Roll

Day 59. panodil

the Julio Iglesias face

sinners wake up late

Day 58. Reading instead of thinking unhappy thoughts!

Day 57. Mending with voodoo.

Day 56. Dreaming with a broken heart.

Day 55. Best Friends Forever, Never Ever Alone Again!!!

Day 54. Vanity.

Day 53. loneliness is better when you're not alone.

Day 52. Keep it together.

going on a short journey to Eden,back in the afternoon

Day 51. postpone

Day 50. they are not happy

Day 49. stay in one place and anticipate or expect something

picturing myself,alone forever

saying hello to vanity again.

today is a new day,unfortunately

on my way out to do crossword puzzles,hectic!

I was rewarded for bad behaviour

feel really guilty,fell asleap again after waking up really early to catch the day.

the hard work i do

Jeanette I cant see you?

future look bright

went to the real Green lake

picturesque vacation

the day after yesterday trying to look like someone else

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