dressed to speak to strangers about the future(in the future i dont need anyone)

ung & bortskämd

a very long and cold day

you´re the apple of my eye

pre mortum

helping Ylva with office things

New background

Things we lack in Gothenburg 1: The Louvre.

Exil tranquille in Grez-sur-loing

It´s not okay to wake up early on a Sunday morning.

Hello I´m home with a happy face!

the end of everything

do not disturb

Haha,my twin sister:)

the friday Golgata look

Parrot gone black

Excuse me,same clothes as yesterday

breakfast for champions

That's the Door God on my door,just noticed he had also left foot twisted,fixed it then...Crazy!

the sadness of it all

oranges are not the only fruit

You married a music woman!


working on my easy going look

I cant´t help it! I´m waiting!

its not easy being perfect

Tinnitus Gone Bad.

Sober! But high on candy!

Törnqvist syndrome

yesterdays outfit

i started try to walk today,horrible and painful

stilla händer, mörka drömmar

Ursus arctos arctos

I feel the drum of the skull...


Linda! I am alone again! But it´s ok I made a dress!

this apartment isnt big enough for both of us!

allt jag tänker på är mig själv

Poor beibei still can't walk yet...

chicken or beef

Alone in the wild...


my life so far


now its mine!

Dinner for one!

Pretty little room with filthy words.

going out to buy a drum

one week later, some paper. still no words. one week left.

went home to get my fur

Dance, dance, dance...

I won't back down!

today i got a sign

drinking from the cup of ambition again

paranormal activity.


found the world today

never ever go out again.

Go dark.


going back into the forest

the to tired to upset to sad to bitter hands infront of that face.

My life has just begun

probably going to hell

Red, red wine go to my head make me forget...

so boring in library i want to cry and die. i don't think i can do this. love the city hate the place

Well,what i can say?

Baby I´m bored, this show sucks.

Karaoke night.

healthy happy and very dry skin,not a problem,happy anyway,on my way to the library

the wrong cup of tea, Introduction to Government. i dream of death, in a good way

marie antoinette

Fridays child

A hand(or handbreadth)is a unit of measurement of length equal to 101.6 millimetres (4 in). It was originally based on the breadth of a male human hand, and is now standardized at 101.6 millimetres (4 in). When used to measure height, it is abbrevia

"jag ser att ni fortfarande har det väldigt varmt i tlv, hur klarar man sig som postgot?"

home from short journey

bad, bad, bad cappuccino...

i giv you an old face today,lost the other somewhere in the computer

High on vaseline

Back to basics.

home sweet home...

exhibition neighbor

To much Art Vandelay!!!

God is trying to Tell me I have to Marry Him!!!11!

Flowers make me seasick!

blank paper...

Relaxing in Stockholm!

Life can be pretty scary.

quality time with myself

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