same dress twice,i know its a tragedy.

on my way to chinalesson,last one,sad!

i dont know Jeanette!By the way this lipstick is fantastic.

Day 34. Darkness.

lägger band på mig själv

Day 33. Tiger Love.

Day 32. Pass from physical life and lose all bodily attributes and functions necessary to sustain life.

Day 31. Kunming, Yunnan

Day 30. ...thousand sad.

Day 29. One happy...

Day 28. birthdaydollface.

the disturbed

Day 27. Don't marry her, fuck me.

Day 26. Celebrating my birthday in advance!!!

Day 25. Bored.

Day 24. I hate being in these situations.

Day 23. whoops a daisy.

saker jag lärt mig idag,höger och vänster.

counting sheep/streaming tv-shows.


jazz in the bedroom/library. late for work. don't tell anyone.

cannot think of the future then i will get wrinkles

darkness,so we meet again


i put my faith in you

tired of the face today

can't smily, only cry

if no one buy me cakes and balloons i guess i must buy them myself!

the kid stays in the picture

today the puffy face was up and talked to long with Swedish people,not good for face,and we all know how important it is to look youthful.

Business as usual. except for the hair. drawing storyboards but longing to be in china buying golden things and drinking cheap drinks. maybe if i draw faster.

back of the head,no face today

Day 2. Yes and No.

Day 21. Liseberg day2.

Day 20. Please Hide Me

Day 19. Hiding my washing-ups in the refrigerator!

first of the gang to die

mormon face and outfit on

Day 18. Liseberg day1.

Day 17. Jungle Boogie.

Day 16. she's here...

Day 15. Over and Out.

Day 14.Waiting for magnetic personal charm...

Day 13. JUST DO IT!!!!

Day 12. Garbage disposal bag mania

angelic moments with myself

the opposite of shaping up

who needs the charachters?

the end.

saving vivacity for another rainy day

still got sleepingpills in my eyes

wonderful day,chinese lessons and adventures

have an important meeting with some person at my healthclub.

Day 11. Longing for something past...

Day 10. Inefficiently soundproof.

Day 9, together 4ever!

Day 8.

off to chinese for beginners

Should I stay or should I... charge it? thoughts in front of a whiteboard

last day of life of leisure

In the new office. Browsing cheap flights to Bejing.

Day 7, 哀愁のサンデイ.

Day 6, Edina Day.

Day 5, blue and alone.

youthful yes,and it seems to me im every face on this page,why!?

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