bought twins today

I have to work i cannot go to the ocean and play all day!!!


going to bed i 12 minutes!Ridå

today in cups and glass


Back to the future.

Someone blame me about things over 20 years ago...such stupid,i had actually nice week and day..but this evening..ruined by the stupid woman!

slowly recovering


The future...





i need a new face

i dont know if i hate sun or rain most

home sweet home

nature called me too


No more sun on my skin!

pour myself a cup of ambition

Nature Calling

showing my mother sunset

its over,but ill guess it soon will begin

Dogs are a girls best friend!!!

one more day

There are mountains in our way, But we climb a step every day...

Love will tear us apart

trying to find motivation

gagnef redux

Bat Out of Hell

where can i buy some watermonkeys?

If I were a boy...

The Ba guan zi result,do you still want it Linda?


Now; A Political Message From The Comfort Of My Studio

key to the fields

My New Cell


I lOVE Ba Guan Zi! I've got a pian on shoulder,now better,but i've got pain on back too,i will do tomorrow:)

New Name Card

giving away my youth and nails to work,depressing to think about

Oh,i worship him!

More black than white.

i need only happy things

The sheriff is on my trail...


Ha er bin was much cooler,almost like in fall:)

Was in Ha er bin,see,that's my cousin,we are all round:)

Echo and that other guy

I see a darkness.

I Feel the Earth Move...

the box

about gardening

I forgot it again,2010-07-08!!!

saving the planet

the missing face

prins korv

Always Alone.

the work face,but changed the top because it was just too much

Home alone!

i give you yesterday,tomorrow is gone



too late again...

Face me.

leaving home

i saw the light

Strobe Face.

July 1 Blood, Wine, Karaoke...

The Essence of Pre-vacation Productivity

Taking Drugs to Make Music to Take Drugs to

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