happy idiot!!


face still lost,but went to Mölndals bro and found some hope

Mary Stuart a really really old friend

Carpe diem at Frölunda torg with a special friend

Eat hot pot with a crazy friend

me and my best friend

Sick and eating a fruitcoctail for the first time in years. It was quite good.

I felt like a horrible accident today

What not to wear!

Total Transparency


Kickstart my heart

Little relaxed...

Was walking my dog and heard that someone was watching a western/ horror movie. Awesome, sound effects. YEE-haw!

How do I feel today, look in the mirror and say

Tragedy Tuesday

red shawl

Did you do it?

I need 5 multiple ogasms 18 drumsolos and 5000mg of valium

Face off 2

Svartrutans dag.

longing for eyes wide shut

Say where you are


lost my face,hopefully it will come back

My mobile was bite by my dog,also my camera...need to wait a little,sorry!



A Crazy French Journalist was interviewing me...

Topic was too sensitive,i couldn't answer him...was strange! Did he wanna me die?


my mother told me it´s the same for everyone but i think it´s worse for me.

Face off 1

Sometimes i treat myself to a nice TVdinner

I always feel the need to hide my feelings from you..

I think I would look great in a beard

Something ethereal to celebrate my computer coming back to the land of the living <3

9 small dishes.

making cats

Something I want to say for long time...The Reason of some Chinese women want to find a white guy...Pls notice,I said SOME OF THEM...


Charly Baltimore

Bought Anna Kask Mask at fleamarket today,like it!

Another day at work!

killing some art

witch bath

face today:happy. Emanuelle chair in perfect condition and painting of lions screaming at the ocean

the morning after.

Saturday again...

Fuck Face (but not today)

The lens flare of my eye


finally friday, first beer in two weeks!

At home hating myself because the Samiska dofunten once again won.Trying to look young!In love with photo boot.h

Coffee by day

this is what I would look like with an even thinner upperlip

Today I just want to through up from multiple reasons.

make.make.make a face...

My neck got hurt by sleeping...blood stuck,this chinese sticker helps a lot:)

It´s okey, 12 today

a hairstyle for the depressed

badly burned


white wedding!

Oh no! I´m not a happy face today!

it seemed like someone had done a portrait of me in school today

Vulcans salute! Live long and prosper!


a typical night at work. dressed up, disillusioned and slightly drunk from free champagne.

me and my gluegun

Spending the day with Freud

I am walking in a new art area called “Cable 8”(尚8), and seeing myself in a window.

paper doll making lost interest after 5 minutes but the dream was beautiful

Thanks God!Having my period now-even started a pain after lunch...but feeling a lot better


Today I ate cookie's for lunch.

I forgot, I forgot my bills my facetoday its not ok

Banjo time!

My face 10 years ago, looking good but also somewhat like a child prostitute.

battle of the perfect couple

The face of before and after (years of decadence)

Stambyte från helvete // Pipe removal from hell


This morning things started to grow out of proportions.

couldnt sleep made sequin outfit part1

My favorite face so far-My Hairdresser's daughter

Music is life

Feeling also happy but mostly disturbed and its only Tuesday!

Sometimes I wish I was an owl!

Bnei Brak

Resting In Peace

eighty two days

I just cant be inspired...


no, i dont care about you project. stop calling me.

o, the unexpected benefits of owning a cheap camera!

Looking out on the morning rain, I used to feel so inspired.

Still waiting for "My Aunt"...Waist pain......

I put this on just so you wouldn't notice i am wearing the same clothes as yesterday

If I don´t eat out for 101 days, mayby then I can go to San Francisco

kicking a ball with the foot in an attempt to score a goal

Caring for the baby and relaxing

sometimes I just wanna stab you...

Allergic, Asthmatic & Swollen, Hating Spring.

Shoot the animal

Jungle Gyms, March 2010

hold on

My aunt Flo is visiting

Abolitionism as in Bioethics/Ghost in the Shell 攻殻機動隊

on the road

This is my face in the dust-storm:(

Monday-Hormone,Sandstorm,Yellow Day

I thought Hormone is following the moon...now i am thinking..it's also following the weather...i can't stand this!~ yesterday I thought it was a nice spring,but today the sand came back again,i dont know where they are hiding,i just wish my period coming soon!

i tried to take a sick leave from face today but the founder is on the phone telling me i dont have any sick days left



Love to you all pretty facetoday girls!


Refusing sunday face

Enjoying Biological Immortality

morning glory

Just before a heartbreak, October 2009


Sunday,Spring Finally

Out of focus.

Animal magnetism


funny bunny

Hello I am Maria. Thrilled to meet you!

Trying to make Tantrum


Sand Storm Saturday

Face spring, love Mary-Janes

Sehr geehrten Frauen, guten Abend!

I am Mikaela. I am from Göteborg, Sweden but I live in Berlin.
Auf wiedersehen!


Sharing lazy

I am studying while my friends are playing badminton.

Telling all abut mineral powder to young men

Trapped in hair


Two-Face/Supervillainess/The Comedians.

acting normal.

work, work, work...

in the Fitting Room

take off my fat jeans to wear dress in H&M
Spring is coming

I've got everything,why I am still a pig?-Some White Foreigners in China

Someone said this isn't good to point this way,that must hurt someone's feeling,and the foreigners in China should build up the relation with local chineses,not break this down,i am totally agree with this,and that's why i said some white foreigners but not all white foreigners...and if i've hurted someone,i am very sorry,but then,i won't take this back,because am talking the true feeling and the reality.

Hello and goodnight!


My super-ego, he's back.

I'm looking for a tattoo of my face

Mimi & me

This is my greedy cat, about 9 years old. I hope that you will like him :)

10 ostar

But you gotta eat something, right?

Yesterday wasnt Thursday,so this is Wednesday

Wall of fame

Thu,Commemorate Casey-The girl dead by Brain Cancer

I've met this girl in Australia,Tas,Hobart Hospital,what I've seen was only her great Smile and the Happy Face! I've knew she had a brain cancer,however she had show to the world was not any misery,and always making me feel that she was going to be fine! Unfortunately, She dead two years ago...and,the only thing I've remember about her was the big smiling on her face! I am sure she is smiling in the heaven now...yesterday I've talked with her Mum over Facebook,she's told me that she is missing Casey alot! I was sad,but in another way,i am not sad,becasue i know she is smiling in the heaven! I've learnt too many things by this story,so I would to do a simple happy face for Commemorate Casey....

To hate yourself is hard work.

I just don´t know what to say, it just seems a normal day

too old to die young

Don´t worry be happy la la la...

Thursday meeting with my therapist,future looks bright!

You need pain come to mamas kitchen give yours truly a treat.

Chief Bromden Ones Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest with a Washbasin.

Not just a mother also Searching for secret Disco castle!

17th Mar,Wed-Very confused and depressed today...life...strange...feelings...human...me...

Woke up and coughed repeatedly...

My face is amazed!

Pills 'n' Thrills and Bellyaches

What would a cowgirl do? Shoot them in the head!

I pretend my green carpet is grass


Yesterday I wanted to be a babymama. Today I just want to move.

Just one of these days.

Naomi call me when there is blood!

Woman with Mango "I am I great artist, and i know it/Paul Gauguin"

pretend to be cruel

stare at my eye,hahaha

Looking at child holding animals,clothes on!


Finally,I posted a face,convinced by BeiBei:)

Tuesday-The Real Deal;) You know it,don't you?

what's going on


24 h just aint time eough.

I also want a puppet


Smoking causes cancer

Skuldkörteln/The Guilt Gland. Triptych in gesso onto & id bare minerals.

Those package are for saving Animals,however,by making them,also spread alot chokedamp!

This package designed for Saving Animals in Japan. The idea for design this package was for announcing to save Animal's life.However, I've discovered that,inside this package,there's another plastic package,and outside of this package,there's bigger cover,and for making those things, that spread alot chokedamp...I am wondering,could this way really safe Animal's life?

On the bus

My favorite seat on bus is the last row window seat.

I can see all the people on the bus.

All their heads.

What about you ?

The Oh No Monday

Monday is working day!(:


Today I had guests, I also publish their faces.


from porn 2 puppet

To all men who ever told me "you are beautiful". Look at me now!

YETI JoBran - "the Man-eater"

Oh no! Monday morning too soon

Sunday,Past very fast,I was like this a whole day

allt hände


Taturday Night...I think I saw some cute guy?

You never answer my phone calls. And I've never called.

White horse

Oh yes I´m happyface again, thanks sweet Lindaface love u love!




phone paper person porn

Glasses without lenses

It seems that more and more Chinese girls like to wear this kind of glasses.

 have you ever wear that?

p.s. it only cost me 15RMB ,isn't it enough cheap?

Caught in the comfort of my trap

Friday,3:10PM at work,already dreaming about going out tonight...

But,still got alota works to do for today!!!!!!!

friday first/

vinet hände


08.30 -18.00,19.00-20.00,20.00-21.00=12.5tim

pink cigarettes can improve your looks by leading the eye from the face to the ear

A star fell from heaven right into my arms


Missing Globos

If I was a boy

on the way

sometimes I wanna be a boy
that can make me have a stronger heart




fuck you

stay out of merchandising Asanda

As Linda says-TRAGIC!

Why everyone wants look same nowadays?

egyptian pills helped me

Myntharen/The Coin Hare

I'm GuGu not GaGa

"Gu" is my surname.nice to meet you guys. 

p.s.lady gaga she's awesome!



Found a way to go Facebook,but it drives me CRAZY tonight!!!!

the day after happy women's day

Peace Out: A term telling someone good-bye.

Bloody Tuesday




the day after i die

måndag nummer två

Hello my name is Jeanette

Monday,Women's Day


Sunday...Talking with a drunk friend...why he not stop now!!!

det minsta jag vill ha just nu är ett långt samtal om mitt liv

face bento

Saturday Chatting...

saturday invention


Friday Face...


torsdag i sista sekunden


Went to Wokai event tonight...took it in bathroom

life was nothing but an awful song


People sick and coughing without wearing a mask,but still in the crowded Metro..ai yo~~


Beibei Face Tuesday-A very busy day




Today Face-Confused

Since the spring festival completely finished now,i started to think...as life isn't an easy issue,as thinking about my future thinking thinking...then,am totally confused!

Facetoday-That's us

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