Met Magnus for dinner yesterday,no men allowed in facetoday,so i did slide show,heihei~

Happy Weekend~hoho~

Pink Belong to HelloKitty~


joho~here i am~

Raining Outside:(

Oh,am the real kitty now~

My~this hair...terrible~


Something is important in life

The Friday Moon

Heading to work,but my mind is totally somewhere else...somewhere,yes somewhere,there...with someone~

Something i don't dare to say,but how could i dare to not to say? I know you know that,i wonder how could i be just quiet?

Mustache,but someone said it is very boring...

Oh.Is that me?

i've made earing in here today:)

My Resting Day

H&M store did something physically hurt a girl in China,but they didn't take care...

My new work and my new boyfriend,haha~

My mum made it:)

Oh.Thanks DM helped my page yesterday.hoho~

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