Woke up and coughed repeatedly...

Postat av: beibei

Poor baby!! You needa wear more clothes and sleeping longer!!

2010-03-17 @ 02:42:47
Postat av: Linda

Hello Linz,Welcome,im so glad your making facetoday!And i hope you get well soon i hate beeing sick.

And Beibei your right of course sleep longer always helps!

2010-03-17 @ 07:27:10
Postat av: j

Hello sweet face, get well soon and hope to see your face again tomorrow!

2010-03-17 @ 19:59:04
Postat av: Anonym

Linz i want 2 talk about the cat its impossible!!Anyway i love the cat

2010-03-18 @ 20:36:42

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